Destiny’s Child – Get on the bus

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25 Responses to “Destiny’s Child – Get on the bus”

  1. Darren Shannon Says:

    i loved confessions and temptations

  2. Darren Shannon Says:

    i know in bills bills bills i didnt see the video till some years ago but i heard kellys part but i thought it was still beyonce singing n i found out it was kelly she sounded way better than beyonce n im like y she dont sing lead more

  3. 1GlamorousLifestyle Says:

    Aaliyah helped them with the dancing

  4. Eduardo McGhaney Says:

    This is ghetto, but I still Love it.

  5. Eduardo McGhaney Says:

    They white outfits look sexy.

  6. BEYONCE4life97 Says:

    I’m pretty sure that was Beyonce’s real hair

  7. bruno mass Says:

    lol never knew this song existed

  8. james spurlin Says:

    Where is michelle

  9. iamdylanpatel Says:

    This is Michelle’s best video! ^_^

  10. Michael Rose Says:

    she didn’t choreograph it, she was there helping while fatima choreographed it.

  11. Eduardo McGhaney Says:

    You shouldn’t think twice, about the way you been talking to me my favorite part lol.

  12. Alyssa Foy Says:

    This choreography is hilarious!! It’s so 90s!! LOL

  13. Incomparable Caressa Says:

    Okay so why haven’t they aged in 15 years if this came out in ‘98? How do they do it???

  14. scatman44 Says:

    Marcus Miller Jazz Bass!

  15. Eduardo McGhaney Says:

    The choreography was beautiful.

  16. emily stansfield Says:

    best days of my life

  17. Michael Rose Says:

    OMG this used to be my shit!!!!!!!

  18. Michael Rose Says:

    This video/song made me a fan of them

  19. Terrell Jackson Says:

    Letoya was always my favorite member.

  20. gbk2006 Says:

    and usually the best verse too

  21. gbk2006 Says:

    Funny how everyone says Kelly was always a backup singer…Kelly had a lead in almost every song DC made from day 1

  22. j chris Says:

    Much love to all those people that remember The Box!!!!!

  23. trinity williams Says:

    Beyonce voice sound different than the other videos! And the hair

  24. Patricia Ann Says:

    Lol bey slow down baby XD

  25. iamaaron17th Says:

    Back In tamar and B could have be twins..same style etc