The Wheels on the Bus – nursery rhymes and childrens songs

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  2. suriyah saravanan Says:

    Why is the bus going so slow?

  3. Antonio Cilleros Conde Says:

    Pat the postman

  4. angiseliem1 Says:


  5. retromatt19 Says:

    ;z) )

  6. Tea Time with Tayla Says:

    what a great wheels on the bus video!! I love this nursery rhyme

  7. TV SHOWS 4U Says:

    who knows

  8. TV SHOWS 4U Says:

    lmao whe the fuck do they do money on tthe bus

  9. Elanda Glover Says:

    Omg really

  10. yimihong Says:

    :)  :( 3

  11. Don Victoria Says:

    my daughter only 21 months singing this song, hope you could watch her on my channel

  12. yoshiyoring Says:


  13. simhasharath Says:

    N l

  14. sali shrestha Says:

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