“Wheels on the bus original song” Milo version

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25 Responses to ““Wheels on the bus original song” Milo version”

  1. Fruity Lemon Music Says:

    I like the use of toys to film this video :)

  2. CafePinkTV Says:

    Just subbed and favourited it!

  3. nyciaygun Says:


  4. Syamsul Alam Says:

    Thank you for posting. My son Philip loved it! :) – agree

  5. Chan Lian Thang Says:

    I love this song

  6. Toto Lastimosa Says:

    i loved the coin part !

  7. msgraham4297ag Says:

    I’m nine and i like this video

  8. sabine4 Says:

    sehr schön, weiter so.

  9. irisrupert99 Says:

    It’s hilarious can’t stop laughing

  10. Ishan Mishra Says:

    I’m 10 I like ur version

  11. Lintz Zlintz Says:

    stupid video

  12. kianbrayshaw Says:

    Thats rally funny!!!!!

  13. up2six Says:

    my baby love it :)

  14. renee carter Says:

    I love. This

  15. MrSpraipaint Says:

    this is not something that one should watch after paranormal activity 4

  16. julius the python Says:

    Our 2 year old son listens/watches to this repeatedly – many many times per day. Thank you for making it and posting!

    (My favourite part is the little plastic goat.)

  17. Mai Moricawa Says:


  18. lex comer Says:

    dude im 10 and i loved it lol

  19. OMGitsGS Says:


  20. ChauPha LuuHuynh Says:

    Thanks, My son very love it.

  21. josieconner12 Says:

    I am 11 and lovesong

  22. Jabulile Dladla Says:

    Hhahahah this one made me laugh,Im sure the family was singing even giggling during the recording.hahahaha

  23. Lottie King Says:


  24. zombiepickle100 Says:

    I’m ten i like your version

  25. titanking2784 Says:

    nice video like it alot